Couple of our TYPO3 projects
    What is TYPO3?

    TYPO3 - the leading open-source CMS in the world 


    TYPO3 is one of the most respected CMS systems in the world, operating on the principle of open-source software. It is developed as part of a large international community of developers and users. Thanks to that, both technical documentation system (tutorials and guides) as well as various forms of support (web forums or specialized in TYPO3 interactive agencies as VENTI) are very easy to reach. 
    The system was developed in PHP and works well with all databases, such as MySQL.


    More than just a CMS... 


    TYPO3 is so powerful and so offers ample opportunities CMS system that is seen by many experts as an independent framework, exceeding their capacity many a commercial product. It has its own scripting language TypoScript, based entirely on PHP. 
    TYPO3 is often used around the world for creating simple and complex websites, such as the NY Times, Lufthansa, NASA, 3M, DHL, Philips or UNESCO.


    Some of our projects

    Why with us?

    We are part of the industry since it`s very beginning... 


    VENTI Interactive Agency was established in 1999, at a time when a dial-up modem was still the standard Internet connection. Over the last decade we have created countless websites and web applications and conducted a series of e-marketing campaigns, competitions or SEO projects. 
    Our customers include small, medium and large enterprises from Poland and abroad as well as state and local institutions. We have completed the implementation of a number of prestigious projects, most of which you can find in our PORTFOLIO.


    We are TYPO3 specialists


    Our adventure with TYPO3 began in 2010, and our first implementation was the website for REAL hypermarkets. Although this was only our first approach to this technology, the effect of our work met with high notes from TYPO3 society in Poland, and to this day is considered one of the model projects of this type. 
    Since then we have completed websites based on this system for clients such as SYNTHOS, ECHO Investment, or Elkomtech. While most of our projects for TYPO3 applies to large and complex systems, we created also smaller and simpler sites.


    Case Study

    TYPO3 case study



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